Accepting submissions to
“Superheroes Stand for Family” Anthology!

Superhero-Fiction is proud to announce we are accepting submissions to our first  charity anthology until July 31st, 2018. We’ve thought long and hard about the themes, terms, and how we plan to promote it.

Theme  Superheroes Stand for Families

Superheroes have always fought for those who couldn’t fight for themselves. From their very inception, we’ve seen Superhero stories speak to the injustices in the world around us. From the rise of Fascism during World War II, to the Civil Rights and Feminist movements, to LGBTQ rights, authors have used Superheroes to ignite that spark of the heroic that lives in us all. Now Superheroes are needed again. This time, to defend families who have no one else to defend them.

Superheroes Stand with Families is a collection of short stories that illustrate the tragedy of migrant families being separated from one another and the necessity of heroes to rise, protect, and defend. The stories can be explicit in their use of migrant families or allegorical. The theme, however, must be the same: Families and children who need a hero to rescue and defend them.

The Superheroes Stand for Families anthology is looking for fifteen (15) stories written by Superhero authors that speak to an audience of all ages (teen and adult.) We strongly suggest authors utilize the world from their existing superhero novels. These stories can be non-cannon, introduce new characters, but must relate directly to the theme above.

What We Don’t Want We want to avoid erotica, explicit sex, and as romance as central themes. Please do not include any stories with animal cruelty, child abuse or gratuitous violence (we’re okay with violence to move the story along, but make sure it’s necessary.) We will not accept stories that promote racism, sexism, or messages of hate. We will not accept Fan Fiction from worlds you do not hold rights to.
Deadline July 31, 2018, 11:59PM EST
Word Limit 4000 – 7000 words.
Pay 1 Digital File
Genres Superhero (Emphasis on the Super/Powers)
Language English
Rights Accepted works will grant Superhero-Fiction first exclusive English-language rights for one (1) year from the time of publication. The author of each short story will retain the copyright to their respective work. All rights will revert back to the creator after one year from publication.
Simultaneous & Multiple Submissions No simultaneous submissions will be accepted. Multiple submissions from the same author will be considered but please note that only one story per author will be accepted to allow for variety and diversity. Previously unpublished stories only, no reprints unless requested.
Funding All work for this anthology is being donated. This includes the writing, cover design, editing, and formatting. No parties will be paid for their contribution to this anthology. All profits will go to benefit RAICES.
Publication Date Winter/Spring 2019
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