Submission Forms

Submission Forms

Resource Submission Form

We want to build a resource guide for Superhero writers. Have something you use regularly that you believe would help other writers? Submit it to us. We don’t just want the link, we’re asking you give a short testimonial about why it’s useful. Try to only submit resources you yourself would endorse.
Disclaimer: Superhero-Fiction does not endorse any particular resource.

Promotion Submission Form

We will occasionally do promotions for our members to help increase mailing list sizes. These will utilize Instafreebie and allow us to feature a handful of authors. In lieu of payment (for the time being), participants will be asked to submit blog posts or resources to share with the group. Directions on how to set up your Instafreebie account or your Mailing list account are at the top of the submission form.

Submit Your Book to Member Titles

We want to feature your Superhero novels on the website! If you’ve published your book, you can add your book to the “Member Titles” section of the website. If your book does not fall into one of the sub-genres provided let us know. If enough authors request a new sub-genre we’ll add it to the listings. Disclaimer: Books on the website are sold using Amazon Affiliate links. We use this income to pay for the website and prevent membership dues.