Superhero-Fiction is a consortium of authors that focuses on writers who  specialize in the novelization of superheroes. S-F supports superhero authors in all sub-genres whether it be self publishing, hybrid publishing and traditional publishing. Agents, publishers and illustrators are also welcome to join the authors section.

Readers of superhero novels will find this is the one-stop for all things superhero fiction. Find novels to satiate that need for something fantastic. Whether it be cyborgs, heroes in spandex, or the next stage of human evolution, we deliver all things super.

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Jeremy Flagg

Jeremy Flagg is the author of the CHILDREN OF NOSTRADAMUS dystopian science fiction universe and the SUBURBAN ZOMBIE HIGH young adult humor/horror series. Taking his love of pop culture and comic books, he focuses on fast paced, action packed novels with complex characters and contemporary themes. Jeremy is the Co-creator of New England Speculative Writers and member of the Metrowest Writers writing group.

Trish Heinrich

Trish Heinrich has loved stories about heroes ever since she first saw Christopher Reeve fly across the screen as Superman. And though female heroes were hard to find in her childhood, she still managed to develop a healthy obsession with Wonder Woman and Princess Leia.

She was one of the co-creators of the superhero comedy web series The Collectibles, and has penned several short film scripts. Serpent’s Sacrifice is her first published novel and is the first book in The Vigilantes, a new superhero fantasy series.