Why Did We Create Superhero-Fiction?

Due to the crowding of the superhero category by books not fitting the archetype on major retailers, we decided to take matters into our own hands. Our mission is to provide readers with easy access to novels featuring the superheroes they love. Because this archetype may appear in many genres, we screen all books added to the website make sure they feature strong superhero elements.

What Constitutes “Superhero?”

Because superheroes can exist in many forms, we have developed “The Avenger Test.” Two members of Marvel’s Avengers in their entirety (powers, personality, backstory) should be able to exist in a superhero novel regardless of which Avengers rosters is used. This allows for superhero universes developed using magic, science fiction, mythology, or super-races.

Previous Promotions

We periodically offer promotional events to help Superhero Authors gain downloads, increase revenue and expand readership. We believe discoverability is our primary function in the publishing arena. Some of our previous promotions include:

  • Cover Contest
  • Black Friday Group Sale
  • 1st in Series Boxed Set

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