Fan of Superhero Novels?

Love a questionable anti-villain? Or perhaps you prefer a caped hero? You’ve come to the right place! We welcome superhero fans from all genres and mediums. Superhero-Fiction is a place for fans of superheroes to gather and be proud geeks. Whether your fandom started with novels, television shows, movies, or comics, we accept all things superheroes.

Want to get Involved?

We love connecting with our heroic fans. There are a couple easy ways to get involved with the Superhero-Fiction community.

  • Submit An Astonishing Novel. Have a favorite superhero book? Check our website to see if it’s listed. If not, you can always send us a messing using the Submit Novel Form.
  • Leave an Uncanny Review. Every author can use more reviews. Stop by your favorite retailer and tell other readers what you loved about the novel.
  • Have an Incredible Conversation. Feel free to jump into our Superhero Discord and share your latest superhero news, question, or opinion. The community hosts a collection of creators and fans. Authors will occasionally post new or discounted superhero related titles for readers.