Blood Hunter: Paranormal Romance “Blood” Series (Book 2) (Thunder City”Blood” Series)

Blood Hunter: Paranormal Romance “Blood” Series (Book 2) (Thunder City”Blood” Series)

Series: Thunder City, Book 2
Genre: Romance
Tags: Action, M/F, Tone: Dark
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About the Book

Hannah and Scott return to Thunder City only to discover the Oversight Committee has ordered their immediate separation. Refusing to comply, Hannah and Scott prepare to fight.

A sympathetic doctor offers to protect Hannah from the Committee—if she agrees to use her powers in strange new ways. At the same time, Scott begins training with his own mentor, a notorious super-soldier who uses live ammunition and a brutal take-no-prisoners attitude to fight a different threat: a ruthless organization called the Court of Blood.

Scott fears he’s losing Hannah to her charismatic teacher. Worse, he believes he’s losing his own humanity in order to fight his mentor’s war. Can he and Hannah save themselves from a tangled web of intrigue while the Court of Blood pulls the threads tighter?

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