Code Name: Timberwolf: A Suspenseful Super Soldier Romance (Infinitum Series Book 1)

Code Name: Timberwolf: A Suspenseful Super Soldier Romance (Infinitum Series Book 1)

Series: Infinitum Series, Book 1
Genre: Romance
Tags: Action, Contemporary, Steamy
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About the Book

Warrior. Leader. Billionaire. I’ll risk everything to keep her safe. Including my heart.


One hand is all I need to count the people I trust. My cheating ex-husband and the mother who abandoned me taught me that betrayal is the only thing I can count on. But when my life is threatened, one look from my sexy rescuer stirs a deep, primal connection that makes me question everything.


After the tragic death of my parents and the inheritance of their billion-dollar tech company, my world changed. I earned the name Timberwolf in the Marine Corps, but I was a lone wolf—I only had room in my life for my sister and my brothers-in-arms. I swore I’d never get close to anyone again, but I never expected to find my soulmate being mugged in an alleyway.

Just as fate brings us together, decades-old secrets and a mysterious enemy threaten to take us down. Relying on my instincts as the Timberwolf may be the only thing that can get us out alive, but it might be the one thing that can break us apart.

Code Name: Timberwolf is the first part of a duet. This steamy and suspenseful super soldier romance contains scenes of violence. It is intended for an adult audience.
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