The Green

The Green
Series: THE GREEN, Book 1

On a day like any other, a mysterious green fog covered the earth, ending the lives of a massive amount of people and leaving only a small fortunate number unharmed. Others were left seriously deformed by the toxin. The rest awoke to find they could do miraculous things. I was one of them.

The world is now filled with powerful people, and I’m burdened with daily pain from bleeding ice from my palms. While I’ve been tasked with cracking cold murder cases, my male coworkers are hunting down a powerful mob boss who can throw fire from his hands.

But I find him first.

It’s simple: I must apprehend the handsome criminal and prove to the men in my department that I am a skilled detective. But what if I gain his trust and use him to crack the murder cases I’ve been trying to solve instead? It shouldn’t be a problem, as long as my heart stays as frozen as my hands are…

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