A Bounty of Evil: Book two in the Bounty series

A Bounty of Evil: Book two in the Bounty series
Series: The Bounty Series, Book 2
Published: 2019

Air elemental Zack Stevens is on a roll. His bounty-hunting business is thriving, he’s survived a battle with a master vampire, and he’s taken on four new partners: an introspective Werepanther, a hyper (and distractible) vampire, an inventive Mr. Hyde-type creature, and a shadow-traveling blue alien with a penchant for Full Metal Jacket.

They’ve chosen their first case: Someone—or something—is murdering humans across the vast and sparsely populated forests of northern Ontario. The pattern is random, the crime scenes are gruesome, and there is little evidence to lead the team to an answer.

But where there’s a will, there’s a way, and Zack and his motley crew are determined to discover it. As they begin to unravel the mystery, however, they find themselves facing a foe so cunning and deadly, they fear they’ll never be ready for it.
To stop the killings—and collect the $2.5 million bounty—they’ll need help from a few new friends, hoping all the while that their first case doesn’t become their last …

Disclaimer – This book contains coarse language, sexual humor, violence and adult situations.

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