A Personal Bounty: Book three in the Bounty series

A Personal Bounty: Book three in the Bounty series
Series: The Bounty Series, Book 3
Published: 2019

Zack Stevens, hero-turned-bounty-hunter, and his team of misfits are back!

When Zack’s best friend, Police Sergeant Rob Quinn, ends up on life support and another Hamilton police officer is killed after responding to a break-in, Zack vows to bring the criminals to justice.

He quickly learns that these thieves are anything but common. They have high-tech armored suits, can burn through locks and safes in seconds, toss smartphones which explode and are able to seemingly vanish into thin air.

When similar crimes happen in Asia and Europe by people dressed in the same type of armor and logos, Zack realizes that this local crime is part of something much bigger. He and his team must go up against an international criminal syndicate and it will take every ounce of their wits and abilities just to survive…

Disclaimer – This book contains coarse language, sexual humor, violence and adult situations.

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