A Royal Pairing in Perish (The Coyote And The Claw Book 1)

A Royal Pairing in Perish (The Coyote And The Claw Book 1)
Series: The Coyote And The Claw, Book 1

June aka Quick Claw

I want revenge. It’s been fifteen years since a home invasion changed everything. But I’m Quick Claw now, and everything I’ve trained for has led to tonight—to making the two men who broke into my apartment suffer. That is, until my moment is stolen by Black Coyote, the city’s infamous vigilante.

An error on his part, he makes me a deal—what if we help each other?

Nikolai needs a female to help with undercover roles, and I need to track down my intruders again. Win-win. And while I’m still upset my original plan fails, I don’t expect the security and comfort I feel around Nikolai…or how attractive he is. I’ve spent my life working towards justice, but suddenly, revenge isn’t the only thing on my mind…

Nikolai aka Black Coyote

I need to stop an arms-dealer from polluting my city. Fighting crime as Black Coyote, I lead a small team to assist in protecting the citizens of Perish. But I don’t always get it right. Because when I end up saving a woman who isn’t in danger, I discover it’s Quick Claw, the female vigilante from the news.

Feeling guilty, I offer an exchange of services: my assistance for hers.

At first it works, but I don’t expect the reality of June—or how she makes me feel. So, when an impulsive decision exposes a high importance mission, I know I’ve fucked up. To make matters worse, a ghost from my past returns, throwing everything into chaos, and sending June and I down a path I’m not sure we can return from.

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