A Superhero’s Death (The Legacy Superhero Book 2)

A Superhero’s Death (The Legacy Superhero Book 2)
Series: The Legacy Superhero, Book 2

Framed for the murder of one of the most famous superheroes in the country, Jack “Trickshot” McDonald finds himself on the run from the police. He and his best friend, Kyle, need to clear his name, which is easier said than done, given how Jack is an illegal superhero who can’t operate in public.

Jack’s job becomes even harder when he is targeted by the local licensed superhero Bug Bite, who has grown tired of Jack’s illegal superheroing and wants to put him in jail. It doesn’t help that Bug Bite was close friends with the murder victim as well.

Now Jack must prove his innocence and catch the real murderer before the police or Bug Bite catch him. If he fails, then a murderer will get away and Jack’s superhero career will end before it even began.

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