A Superhero’s Duty (Heroes of Corvus Book 1)

A Superhero’s Duty (Heroes of Corvus Book 1)
Series: Heroes of Corvus Book, Book 1

Myth by Name. Villain by Nature. Hero by Choice.

A fight between a second-generation superhero named Red Bolt and a villain-for-hire named Icarus goes terribly wrong, resulting in the drowning deaths of three innocent civilians and orphaning a six-year-old boy.

Racked with guilt, Red Bolt visits Cameron Wilson at the hospital every night and won’t leave the boy’s side until he falls asleep.

Befriended by a night-shift nurse, the man in costume begins to disclose what really happened after the fight—and why he feels the deaths of Cameron’s parents and sister fall on his actions.

A superhero didn’t survive that night, and Cameron and the rest of the city aren’t out of danger.

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