Accidental Awakening (Guardians Book 1)

Accidental Awakening (Guardians Book 1)

Series: Guardians, Book 1
Genre: Young Adult
Tags: Action, LGBT+, Teens
Publisher: Purple SpekterTM Press
Publication Year: 2018

After high school juniors Quinn McAlester and Blake Hargreaves found themselves restrained in a hospital room after a freak accident in a dangerous cave, they had no idea how much their lives would change. Shortly after a man named Agent Victor Kraze questions the boys about their weekend activities...

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About the Book

They had one choice: lie or become lab rats.

It was supposed to be an uneventful camping trip before the start of another grueling year in high school. Days later, when the enigmatic agent Victor Kraze confronts Quinn and Blake, they realize they must never speak about what they found in the woods.

But now, something is different. Why are the basic elements unpredictably reacting to Quinn and Blake at home and in school? What changed? What really happened in the woods?

They need help, but they don’t have much time. Can the boys discover the key to controlling their self-proclaimed superpowers before they accidentally hurt someone they love? Before the nosy and relentless Agent Kraze changes his mind?

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