Action Figures – Issue Nine: Hell Hath No Fury

Action Figures – Issue Nine: Hell Hath No Fury
Series: Action Figures, Book 9
Published: 2020

Death couldn’t stop her. What chance does the Hero Squad have?

The mad necromancer Black Betty Morgan is back from the dead and ready to raise hell — literally.

When Black Betty resurfaces to resume her longstanding feud with the Protectorate’s resident sorceress Dr. Enigma, Carrie “Lightstorm” Hauser and her teammates find themselves facing a power beyond their comprehension — and perhaps beyond their ability to stop without Dr. Enigma’s aid.

But Dr. Enigma has her own dark agenda, one that threatens to throw the Squad into the middle of a supernatural grudge match with no rules, no limits, and no mercy.

The War of the Witches is on — and Kingsport is their battlefield.

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