Advent 9

Advent 9
Series: Superpunk, Book 1

Once, the world had people to look up to.

The Powered protected us, inspired us, showed us new possibilities for humanity. But when the great names walked away, when the capes and boots and chest-blazoned symbols vanished, all they left behind was a single child to take up their burden.

His nightmares named him Advent 9, the flying, bullet-dodging, impossibly strong remnant of an era almost forgotten. With no memory of where he came from or why he is the only superhero left, his life is the world’s greatest mystery.

And when a new threat, Trancedragon, arrives, the boy hero finds himself unprepared for what will become our world’s darkest hour. To have a fighting chance, he must piece together the secrets hidden in his mind. The only one who can help with that is an old-guard supervillain with an axe to grind, and who might be the bigger threat when he discovers the one vulnerability Advent 9 never knew he had.

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