After Dark (East End Irregulars Book 1)

After Dark (East End Irregulars Book 1)
Series: East End Irregulars, Book 1
Published: 2014

Ever since he was a kid, Sebastian wanted to be a superhero. Now, as the water-controlling psychic vigilante Torrent, he prowls the streets of Pittsburgh, doing his best to right wrongs and keep his double life a secret.

But life in the mask is tougher than he imagined, and even dual superpowers aren’t always enough to save the day. Besides facing street thugs, monsters, and madmen, he’s got to master his hormones and keep his conscience. With a little help from his thrill-seeker best friend and his literally hot pyrokinetic girlfriend, he just might manage it.

After Dark is an episodic novel set in a world of heroic adventure and paranormal menace, intended for adults and intelligent youngsters. It is part of the Ascension Epoch, a shared universe and alternate history based on classic science fiction and adventure literature.

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