Agents of Change: A Menopausal Superheroes Collection

Agents of Change: A Menopausal Superheroes Collection
Series: Menopausal Superheroes, Book 7

When Last We Left Our Heroes…

Being a Menopausal Superhero doesn’t stop when the novels stop, and this collection of novellas and short stories takes you behind and between the books to dive deeper into the world of Patricia the Lizard Woman, Fuerte, Flygirl, and even Dr. Cindy Liu!

These aren’t your father’s superheroes. Whether you’re already a fan or are just meeting these characters for the first time, the menopausal superhero series explores what it means to be a hero at any age or stage of life. Go behind the cape with familiar character and new heroes in these interlude novellas and stories.

This volume includes –

The Good Will Tour – Hero life is not all fistfights and mad scientists. Even superheroes need good press, especially when the world hasn’t decided whether superpowers are a blessing or…something else.

Flygirl and Fuerte’s next stop on the Unusual Cases Unit’s Good Will Tour is Springfield Women’s Hospital, a place close to Flygirl’s heart and a place redefined for Fuerte by his change. Autographs and gladhanding ought to be a cakewalk.

But when Evelyn Mueller arrives, the PR tour gets quite a shakeup. Pushed to the limit by her wife’s cancer diagnosis and denial of experimental treatment, Evelyn shoves back. Will Evelyn find the hero she needs, even if it’s not the one she expected?

Friend or Foe – Patricia O’Neill never asked to be a hero. But when her best friend’s experiments transformed her into the Lizard Woman of Springfield, she answered the call alongside the other victims. Going Through the Change was only the beginning. The menopausal superheroes wanted answers, but getting them didn’t solve their problems and now their secrets are out.

Dr. Cindy Liu never considered if she should do something–only if she could. Now that the consequences of her work have her on the run, she’s forced into an uneasy alliance with a ghost from her past, if only to save herself.

The chase is on in this between-the-novels story. When your worst enemy used to be your best friend, the battle rages inside and out.

Through Thick and Thin – Hidden in the space between chapters lurk other stories—what came before and after, and meanwhile—and the other sides of the stories, including the part our heroines didn’t know. This collection peeks around those corners of the Menopausal Superhero series.

Through Thick and Thin will get you up close and personal with your favorites. Fuerte wasn’t always Fuerte—or male. It’s confession time in “Coming Out as Leonel.” Join Patricia, the Lizard Woman, as she unravels the puzzle of Dr. Cindy Liu’s disappearance in “The Right Thing,” and then see her softer side (and her “better half,” Suzie) in “Underestimated.” Get ready for a wedding, and a heroic rescue, in “Flygirl’s Second Chance.”

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