Agile Breakthrough (Powered Personnel Side Hustle 2)

Agile Breakthrough (Powered Personnel Side Hustle 2)

She became the very thing she fought against. Will she work for the enemy or work behind bars?

After a doomed stunt to protest workplace bias, Lieutenant Felina Gatti found herself in a cage built to keep in high-powereds, even though she never had powers.

Or so she thought.

Upon learning of her breakthrough, the Heroes of Verity offered her two choices: become a restricted hero for only their cause or become a polarizing criminal.

Neither choice was a fair deal.

With two of the guild’s most powerful superheroes guarding her, Felina must rely on past agile teachings to learn her new abilities and find her own path.

Agile Breakthrough is a side story that takes place after the events of The Big Startup.

It has around 19,000 words of sci-fi fantasy drama and breakthrough action.

It also has scenes of violence, mature themes and coarse language which may make this book unsuitable for younger and sensitive readers.

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