Airy Castles All Ablaze (The Girl Who Saved the World Book 2)

Airy Castles All Ablaze (The Girl Who Saved the World Book 2)

Series: The Girl Who Saved the World, Book 2
Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Capes & Cowls, Female Lead, Teens
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About the Book

The sequel to Eclipse, THe Girl Who Saved the World

World’s Greatest Tween Superhero!
World’s Most Terrifying Tween Supervillain!
Opinions differ.

Meet Eclipse.
She’s twelve. She’s hardworking, bright, self-reliant, good with tools, vigorously
physically fit, tough as nails, still young enough to disguise herself as a boy. She’s a
superhero—persona, they’re called on her time line: She flies, shrugs off bullets and
artillery shells, and shatters fortifications with a glance. She had a bit of a problem with
her mom. Her mom threw her out of the house. Then Mom blew up the house and

Now Eclipse and her friends are on our Earth. They were sent here to beat the Two
Dooms. If the Two Dooms win, we all die. Eclipse knows one certain fact. Whether
she stops them or not, she probably gets to die trying.

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