Alter Ego (League of Independent Operatives Book 1)

Alter Ego (League of Independent Operatives Book 1)
Series: League of Independent Operatives, Book 1
Published: 2020

Hollywood days. Vigilante nights.

To the world, she’s a star.

To the league of heroes who raised her? She’s a liability.


Mary’s got a penchant for gadgets, a resume packed with criminal-busting credentials, and a reckless streak that tends to land her in trouble. So when a potential recruit blazes a trail through a local bar—literally—Mary blows off league protocol and whisks the girl off to HQ. But Mary’s heat-of-the-moment rebellion endangers her family when the recruit’s father shows up; more blowtorch than human, he’s got a vendetta against the league and powerful investors to back him up.


Instead of letting Mary help, the league banishes her to a stint of camera-courting under the guise of her celebrity secret identity. But Mary’s got no intention of benching her grapple hooks; she chases her own leads through a web of secrets that threatens to unravel her history with the league.


As conspiracies pick her family apart, Mary must question everything she’s been raised to believe—and what it really means to be a hero—before her fiery enemy sets his sights on the rest of the world.


ALTER EGO is a twisty superhero saga for fans of Umbrella Academy and Renegades.

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