Amalgamation (Dimension Heroes Book 3)

Amalgamation (Dimension Heroes Book 3)
Series: Dimension Heroes, Book 3

Destroy the Dread God.

In search of the weapon which will destroy the Dread God once and for all, Beams heads to a lost city hidden deep within Antarctica. There, he encounters a lost tribe of humans who promise to give him the weapon, but only if he completes the three challenges of the Gauntlet, a feat no one has ever accomplished and survived.

Meanwhile, Bolt seeks the Starborn, hoping that their power will be equal to the Dread God’s. But is it even possible to find gods that don’t want to be found? And even if he does, will Bolt live long enough to regret it?

The Dread God is on the move as well, laying the foundation for the final stages of his plot to take over the multiverse and crush all opposition to his rule. If Beams and Bolt are not careful, they might just walk into a trap they cannot escape.

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