Amp (Jensen City Heroes Book 4)

Amp (Jensen City Heroes Book 4)
Series: Jensen City Heroes, Book 4

Linus Morris has revenge on his mind. Corbin Dallas, the madman that kidnapped and tortured him for the amp recipe, is still on the loose even as Remi Young, Rose McCoy and Darby Clausen scour Jensen City for information on him. Linus has a score to settle, and hiding in another state isn’t helping. When Linus returns, some changes are coming to town whether its citizens know it or not.

Eileen Pickett has spent the last few months trying to find both Corbin Dallas and Linus Morris, but the men seem to have disappeared into the wind. When her obsession with Linus Morris comes to a long-overdue confrontation, will she help Linus when he needs it the most? Or will she turn her back on him again even as he takes the first step toward a connection?

With the city’s mayoral race also hanging in the balance, Linus has a lot on his plate. It’s too bad for Corbin Dallas that Linus also brought back a new power with him.

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