An Extraordinary Few (The Extraordinary Series Book 1)

An Extraordinary Few (The Extraordinary Series Book 1)
Series: The Extraordinary Series, Book 1
Published: 2017


To be extraordinary is rare; to be unique is downright dangerous.


Rebecca Hunter thought senior year would be all about basketball games, parties, dances, and college applications. But when Becca’s absentee mom dies, things take a drastic turn. She has just inherited a superpower, but has no idea what it is. And now instead of worrying about homework, she’s got secret agents from the FBI at her door looking to recruit her.

Her days of being an ordinary seventeen-year-old are over, because she’s one of only one hundred people left in the world with superpowers. When a covert ops group, Project Lightning, offers to train her, they soon discover she doesn’t have just her mom’s power; she has more. And that’s never been seen before.

As they try to help her manipulate this new power, agents from Project Lightning go missing, and a few turn up dead. They’re being hunted. And when two men try to kidnap her, Becca realizes she’s being hunted as well. What was supposed to be an amazing senior year has turned into a brutal training to find the lost, protect those she loves, and harness her new power.

An Extraordinary Few is the first novel in The Extraordinary Series, a fast-paced urban fantasy romance filled with mystery, intrigue, and secret agents wielding supernatural powers, sure to capture any reader who enjoys science fiction romance or YA superhero fiction.


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