Aquadea: Warrior Queen

Aquadea: Warrior Queen
Series: Aquadea, Book 1

After global warming has ravaged the world, Aquadea leads her people in the battle to free their homeland and stronghold,Antarctica, from the dystopian rule of the Consolidated Earth Council. The CEC wants her dead.

Her Weapons: Trident-blaster, High-velocity spines, High-voltage touch
Additional Superpowers: Hydro kinesis (water manipulation), Mental telepathy (Giller/sea creatures), Supersonic subsea locomotion
Her Motivation: To live

Jewel is twenty-five and ready to start a family, but the CEC does not allow “Gillers” to reproduce.Having lost both parents as a child, Jewel has always believed her functional gills are simply birth defects. But after she receives a mysterious package containing two Antarctic pearls, she is transformed into the ancient warrior queen, Aquadea. Backed by an army of creatures from the sea, Aquadea organizes the Gillers and declares Antarctica free and independent of the CEC. And so the battle begins.

Jewel, as Aquadea, has been given the powers and weapons to win, but . . . can she learn how to use them in time?

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