Arson (Jensen City Heroes Book 1)

Arson (Jensen City Heroes Book 1)
Series: Jensen City Heroes, Book 1

Archie Morganstern is a fireman in Jensen City with a typical life. At least it’s a normal life until the night a warehouse fire changes everything. What is the mysterious substance he fell into during the fire? Who is the gorgeous woman he found during the fire, and how did she get in the warehouse? Most importantly, how the hell does he suddenly have the ability to move fire around with the wave of his hand?

Darby Clausen has a tedious job as a mortgage processor, but she has a secret only she and her best friend know. She can see a person’s most recent dream with one touch. When she accidentally sees what the man harassing her at a bar dreamt last night, she sets out to investigate on her own.

After Darby is rescued from a burning warehouse by a mysterious firefighter, they work together to find out why he has sudden powers and precisely what is going on in one of Jensen City’s biggest corporations.

It would be helpful to stay focused on the task at hand, but Darby and Archie can’t keep their minds on the problem and can’t keep their hands to themselves.

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