Ascend the Daughter (The Dawning of Superheroes Book 3)

Ascend the Daughter (The Dawning of Superheroes Book 3)

Series: Dawning of Superheroes, Book 3
Genres: Audio Books, Urban Fantasy
Tags: Female Lead, First Person POV, Past, Vigilantes
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About the Book

They exposed her lies.

The city has a new kingpin with limitless resources and the ability to enslave those who oppose her. Her friends have turned their backs and her relationship is in ruins. For six months, she has thought of nothing but revenge. But first, she has to put the ghosts of her past to rest.

An act of justice will lead to war.

The future is malleable, and Eleanor struggles to understand the immensity of her gifts. But to win this battle, she will seek out new allies who have the world in their sights. Can she trust the enemy of her enemy, or is she traveling down a road not even the ghosts can predict?

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