Ascension: A Sci-fi Technothriller (Zero-Point Awakening Book 3)

Ascension: A Sci-fi Technothriller (Zero-Point Awakening Book 3)
Series: Zero-Point Awakening, Book 3

A psychopathic spy, a jaded teen assassin, a fame-hungry, D-list celebrity and an uplifted orangutan walk into a bar…

When Arthur Fortune is kidnapped, Elliot Goshawk must delve further into his assassin toolbox and deeper into debt with his mysterious fixer to get him back. But Arthur isn’t resting on his laurels, he’s fallen into the clutches of an ancient order of assassins, who also happen to be Elliot’s estranged family, and may have just accidentally uncovered a piece of technology that will change everything.

Millicent Cuff, a superspy working for a secretive private intelligence agency, is on the tail of a plot from Hellinix to genetically modify school children.

Stanley, an uplifted super-ape is going through an existential crisis and a crate of mangoes a day. Apparently, there is more to the world than a chess game and a cage in Hellinix’s research center. He’s got to get out of this.

Could these be new members of the team? Will Arthur and Kat ever get it together? Why are the bad guys always Russian?

Because there’s a countdown coming (one with red numbers—never a good sign) and plenty of evidence Hellinix is about to unleash something evil on an unsuspecting world.

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