Ashley Jason and the Dragon King

Ashley Jason and the Dragon King
Series: Ashley Jason, Book 3

No superheroes. No supervillains. Only supers.

After the events of the last book, eighteen-year-old Ashley ‘Crafter’ Jason begins attending the International Superbian Institute for Superhuman Training to complete her third year of schooling. Although the culture shock of visiting a country populated almost entirely by supers is tough, Ashley finds solace in her friend, Barrett Marcus, causing their relationship to
deepen in pleasant ways Ashley did not expect.

But life isn’t all romance and boys. The kind yet charming President Franklin ‘Dragon King’ Marcus of Superbia expresses an interest in helping Ashley, although his true intentions for her and the world are far from benevolent. Meanwhile, a rebellion against the ruling super class of Superbia is brewing among the country’s oppressed normals, who have hatched a plot to
assassinate President Marcus and need Ashley’s help to pull it off.

All Ashley wants to do is complete her third year of schooling and go home. But when President Marcus offers her the cure for her incurable genetic disease, can she possibly say no? Or will she join the burgeoning revolution against his rule and find herself in his crosshairs?

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