Ashley Jason and the Lost Hero

Ashley Jason and the Lost Hero
Series: Ashley Jason, Book 2

Win the Competition. Save the Academy.

At the start of her second year at the Academy, Ashley ‘Crafter’ Jason finds the whole school embroiled in the first-ever Academy Intraschool Competition, where six of the Academy’s best students from each Team are pitted against one another in a year-long series of contests. Surprisingly, Ashley ends up voted to represent her Team, putting her at odds with her cocky first-year teleporter cousin Theo and straining her relationship with her best friend, Courtney.

Winning the Competition is enough pressure by itself, but Ashley must also deal with the vicious Guardians of Humanity, an anti-super terrorist group whose leader, the lethal Overkill, has set his eyes on the Academy in general and Ashley in particular. The Guardians seek to destroy the Academy and their plans appear to involve the mysterious Lost Hero, Omega Man, who has been missing for over a decade.

Now Ashley must not only win the Competition for her Team, but stop Overkill and the Guardians from enacting their deadly plan to destroy the Academy. To do that, she needs to find the Lost Hero before they do, because the Lost Hero may hold the key to the Academy’s salvation … or its destruction.

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