Average Joe

Average Joe

A purple rat changes everything.

Joe is an average man with an intense love for animals, his mom, and the 1980s. After learning of his brother’s risky experiments on lab mice—one of which was mutated into a monstrous, purple, rat-like creature with immense strength—Joe volunteers to be the human test subject. What’s the catch? The rest of the mice are off-limits to testing. Once injected with the same experimental protein, Joe transforms into a purple, beast of a man with an indestructible body and yellow veins that radiate like glowsticks in the dark. And he’s totally stoked about it.

Trying his best to stay hidden from the public, Joe paints his town red and attempts to woo the girl of his dreams—all while inadvertently causing chaos.

However, Joe isn’t the only one who was injected with the protein. He’s about to meet his match—and his mutant purple rat is along for the ride.

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