Bad Intentions (Femmes Fatale Book 2)

Bad Intentions (Femmes Fatale Book 2)
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Series: Femmes Fatale, Book 2

I do love it when you talk like a supervillain.”

Once upon a time, Ruby and Vivienne were rivals and enemies. Now? Theirs is a happiness neither one of them saw coming, and things between them are almost perfect.


There’s still the matter of The Raven. Ruby intends to make Vivienne’s on-again lover, off-again nemesis pay for the harm he’s done to both of them.

“Let him suffer tenfold every injustice he has done to you.”

Too bad Vivienne insists on leaving him alive.

But Ruby has other ways of dealing with the men who have wronged her.

“You enchanted him, didn’t you…? Jesus, Ginger, what did you do?”

A web of lies, a tangle of magic, and one dark and dirty secret threaten to destroy everything they’ve built together.

“Darling, I can’t just let you compromise all my hard work.”

Love is messy, especially when all involved have


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