Bases & Lairs

Bases & Lairs
Series: The Nova Academy, Book 2

Theodore McCleary is back for his second year at Nova Academy, joined by Carly and his sort of ex-girlfriend, Maria. Things get off to a rocky start as the three attempt to navigate their way through a relationship minefield. To make matters worse, Theo is notified his access to the science labs is suspended for the year due to excessive use the year before. It’s enough to drive a scientist mad.

Even as Theo’s world is crumbling, the telepaths are fighting the still living Wagner in a silent war for control of the nation. It is not looking good for the pacifistic telepaths at Nova Academy, who come to Theo with a desperate plea for help.

As the conflict sparks into a guerrilla war, Theo is left with no choice but to acquire his own lair. If only to build the weapons the telepaths need to fight Wagner; keeping himself out of the war. But the only way to get a fully equipped lair, is by taking it from an established mad scientist who has what he needs.

Where will he find one? And will it be a base taken from a hero or a lair from a supervillain? Becoming desperate to work on his projects, Theo may not even care.

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