Be the Change (Menopausal Superheroes Book 4)

Be the Change (Menopausal Superheroes Book 4)

Series: Menopausal Superheroes, Book 4
Genre: Action & Adventure
Tags: Female Lead, LGBT+, Tone: Light
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About the Book

The city of Springfield cannot stay saved. Worse yet, the Menopausal Superheroes themselves are at risk this time, when a new mutation causes dangerous spikes in the unusual abilities of all the Liu-vians.

Literal sparks ignite, and it’s a race against time to find the cause and cure. Only Flygirl remains unaffected and she’ll have to cooperate with the notorious mad scientist who changed their lives to find the answers that could save them all.

Heroism also isn’t easy on domestic life: romances waxes and wanes, adding drama on the homefront. Weddings and divorces loom large on the horizon, making balance more than a question of physics. Can our heroines really have it all?

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