Beach Head: A Sci-fi Technothriller (Zero-Point Awakening Book 6)

Beach Head: A Sci-fi Technothriller (Zero-Point Awakening Book 6)
Series: Zero-Point Awakening, Book 6

Episode Six of the Zero-Point Awakening saga.

It’s time to stand up and fight, but what are they fighting for?

So far every plan has failed, and now the heroes are expecting the arrival of alien ships, come to repair their stranded vessel. Hellinix wants to goad the aliens into a full-scale invasion by attacking the repair ships when they arrive. But getting involved in this battle is a crazy plan that Gunther is dead against. Divided once more, can the heroes pull together to stop Hellinix plunging the world into intergalactic war?

With zombie breakouts across the world thanks to the heated rivalry between Hellinix and the Children of Gaia, and with the Zadnitsians driving NATO into World War 3, things are already bleak. Even a hint of an alien invasion will be enough to push society over the edge into absolute chaos.

Will this existential threat be averted? By these heroes?

If I were you, I would read this novel in the nearest bomb shelter. Because for the team, it’s time to learn just what they’re fighting for. The only trouble is, they’re not quick studies.

Beachhead is a fast-paced serialized science fiction thriller about genetically modified heroes fighting a war against alien invaders.

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