Beacon – The Hero of Heartland: A Superhero Novella

Beacon – The Hero of Heartland: A Superhero Novella
Series: The Hero of Heartland, Book 1

When a clone threatens to tear her city apart, can a failed superhero rise to the challenge?

Grace Grey has a secret. She is the only known real-life superhero, Beacon, though most know her only as a police tip line operator. After losing a loved one during her first major defeat at the hands of the supervillain, Arson, Grace hung up her suit. But when a laboratory experiment goes wrong, creating a homicidal Beacon clone who threatens to tear the city apart, only the real Beacon can stop her. Now, Grace must overcome her tragic past, reclaim her reputation, and save her beloved city – and herself.

If you enjoyed the thrilling action of Marissa Meyer’s Renegades, you’ll love the intense suspense and heroic journey of Grace Grey in Beacon – The Hero of Heartland.

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