Blue Mercy (Blood of the Masked God Book 2)

Blue Mercy (Blood of the Masked God Book 2)
Series: Blood of the Masked God, Book 2

Lily never wanted to be a hero.

But with the strongest man on the planet dead by her hand, the world needs a champion.

She knows she might not have much time before her powers fade. Before they do, she has business to take care of.

A mysterious assassin is on her tail.

The dead hero Chronos has a family who share the blood of the gods, and they haven’t forgotten about the woman who took their favorite son.

And the situation around the meteor impact site is only getting stranger.

Lily and a group of superpowered crime-fighters have gathered to stop the growing disaster. As the heroes prepare themselves, Chronos’s sister Mercy is gathering her own soldiers…and Mercy doesn’t forgive.

Blue Mercy picks up where Red Wrath left off. Check out the second part of Lily’s adventure in this superpowered action thriller you’re sure to love!

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