Breaking and Entering (Red and Black Book 5)

Breaking and Entering (Red and Black Book 5)
Series: Red and Black, Book 5

Dawn has seen the future. Her beloved city transformed into ruins, destroyed by the man she loves in a fit of grief. As Bailey City’s first superhero, she will do anything she can to prevent it from falling. But before she can deal with what’s coming, she must grapple with her past.

A familiar face has arrived with disturbing news. SynergyCorp has revitalized Project Regen. Only this time, they are experimenting on unwilling participants right in Bailey City. And this time, they’re focusing on children.

Alex’s powers have brought him nothing but trouble, but to break into SynergyCorp, he’ll find himself relying on the tools that once served him as a villain. Is it possible to bring Faultline back for good, or does his disturbing future mean that it’s best to put those skills to rest?

It’s time to take down SynergyCorp once and for all.

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