Capitulation (The Darby Shaw Chronicles Book 3)

Capitulation (The Darby Shaw Chronicles Book 3)
Series: The Darby Shaw Chronicles, Book 3
Published: 2015

Surviving a kidnapping is not for the faint of heart, as Darby Shaw knows all too well. Two months after being rescued, she’s starting to get things back to a new normal. She’s making changes, subtle though they may be, doing what she can to move on.

Her latest case is just the thing Darby needs to keep her mind off the recent past: Justin Kendrick, paraplegic, is dead. Being poisoned, strangled, and stabbed through the heart seems like overkill. Together with her partner, Detective Mark Herman, and colleague, Sergeant Trent Oliver, Darby must track down Justin’s killer.

But after the resuscitation, all hell breaks loose, and Darby is unprepared for the consequences of her powers…

Or how they will affect her…

Capitulation is a part of The Darby Shaw Chronicles Box Set, also featuring books one and two, Emergence and Retaliation, as well as a bonus short story. Find it here: .

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