Chronicles of the Chaos Traveler (Tales of the Cerberus Initiative)

Chronicles of the Chaos Traveler (Tales of the Cerberus Initiative)

On the night of the grand opening of an Ancient Greek exhibit, at the Canadian Museum of History, Jonathan Ambler finds himself caught in the middle of a heist gone wrong. A dark clad vigilante comes to the rescue, but not before an arcane artifact imbues Ambler with the power of an ancient prophecy. Jonathan is now entangled in a three-way battle that could change history as we know it.

The Cerberus Initiative, a covert organization of paranormal investigators, are ready to do anything to stop the global threat mentioned in the prophecy–including killing Jonathan Ambler.

The dark vigilante known as Walker, a centuries’ old warrior with questionable morals and a dangerous work ethic, is trying to prevent the prophecy from happening by protecting Jonathan from any who wish to access the prophecy.

Then there is the mysterious villain known only as Lord Decay, leader of an evil organization whose plan is to use the prophecy for his own ends. To do so, he will need to capture Ambler and extract the power locked inside him.

With the odds against him, Jonathan must decide who he can trust to keep himself alive while he figures out how a historian like himself could possibly help save the world.

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