Cinco de Mayo (Just Cause Universe Book 15)

Cinco de Mayo (Just Cause Universe Book 15)
Series: Just Cause Universe, Book 15
Published: 2019


For the kids of the Neighborhood Watch, the final weeks of middle school are interminable. In the fall they will get to attend the Hero Academy, studying to become Just Cause superheroes. Their plans get derailed when police officers gun down an unarmed black man. Annalisa, aka La Capitána, gets video of them trying to cover up the killing.

The incident leads to protests, which inevitably turn violent as emotions run high. The kids of the Neighborhood Watch do their best to calm things down and keep people civil, but situations escalate and people get hurt. How can a group of fourteen-year-olds keep their hometown from dissolving into riots, especially when the protests attract the attention of a pair of supervillains who thrive on chaos.

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