Clash of the Heroes (Tournament of Heroes Book 1)

Clash of the Heroes (Tournament of Heroes Book 1)
Series: Tournament of Heroes, Book 1
Published: 2020

Four universes. Four heroes. One survivor.

The self-proclaimed King of the Multiverse, King Aeno, summons four heroes from across the multiverse to his kingdom to compete in the first-ever Tournament of Heroes. These four heroes—Kevin ‘Bolt’ Jason, Alex ‘Beams’ Fry, Jack ‘Trickshot’ McDonald, and Nyle ‘Winter’ Maxwell—must compete against each other for the title of Greatest Hero of the Multiverse over a seven day period.

What starts off as a competition for glory and honor becomes a battle for survival when King Aeno reveals the fate of the losers: The complete destruction of their home universes. Now all four heroes must battle not merely to win great honor, but to save everyone and everything they love.

If the heroes are to truly save their universes, however, they must uncover the real purpose of the Tournament and do the impossible: Defy destiny itself.

Fans of Arrowverse crossovers and the Marvel Cinematic Universe will love this book!

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