Cobalt City Dragonstorm

Cobalt City Dragonstorm

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About the Book

The King in Yellow, manifestation of the concept of madness, has his sights set on conquest. He has hungered for Iteration 5169 for a long time, but one thing has been standing in his way: Cobalt City and its so-called superheroes. His alliance with Loki helped get fascist demagogue Lyle Prather into the office of the Presidency, tipping the world to the edge of madness. The King in Yellow’s faded city of Carcosa has never been closer to sliding into this crumbling world. What he needs is something big. Something mad. Some global event to shatter the fragile sanity of the population. And the other Old Gods aren’t answering his calls.

Thankfully, his once loyal anchor, the unctuous Louis Malenfant, invoked the rage of powerful dragon lord The Flame Who Fell From The Heavens. The vengeful dragon lord is more than happy to deliver the coordinates for Cobalt City #5169 to his kin from around the Coil and bring a storm of unholy might down upon the city. The storm of war is on the horizon. And with the world’s heroes scattered, unorganized, and suppressed by the government, who dares stand against the coming DRAGONSTORM?

Featuring stories from some of Cobalt City’s favorite authors, join a group of unlikely heroes on an even more improbable battleline!

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