Code Name: Falcon (The Infinitum Series Book 4)

Code Name: Falcon (The Infinitum Series Book 4)
Series: Infinitum Series, Book 4

Letting her go was a mistake. Getting her back may destroy us both.

Our love was legendary. Our future etched in my mind like a prophecy. Vera was fire, and I was the match. As a former Marine, I should have been prepared for the inevitable explosion that tore us apart, but it came so fast and hot it burned me to ash before I realized my mistake.

Now, I can’t get her out of my head. I tried to move on, but I wonder if that prophecy was right after all. Besides, she knows defeat isn’t a part of my skill set.

The battle for Vera’s heart becomes a fight for our lives as we’re thrust into a world where a secret organization wants us dead. Our future is only possible by letting go of the past, but a threat we never expected may end our second chance before it even begins…

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