Code Name: Phoenix (The Infinitum Series Book 5)

Code Name: Phoenix (The Infinitum Series Book 5)
Series: Infinitum Series, Book 5

A burning love. A dangerous secret. The world doesn’t stand a chance.

I fell in love with Jordy Ramirez on the day of my father’s funeral. I didn’t care that he was my brother’s best friend, or six years older than me. He values family and loyalty above all else, so when my brother employs him as my personal bodyguard, I know he’ll never touch me.

But on my twenty-first birthday, he does.

It was stupid to assume my high profile last name wouldn’t bring danger to our doorstep. When a decades-old family secret leaves utter devastation in its wake, our path to love erupts in flames.

The threat forces us into an unimaginable new reality controlled by an organization willing to sacrifice the many for the few. We have no choice but to keep moving. Keep fighting. Infinitum thinks I’m their savior, a beacon of hope for their sinister future filled with pretty lies and false promises. What they don’t know is that I’ve found my hope. He’s brutal, highly trained, and will protect me with the ferocity of a warrior.

They call me Phoenix, and I’ll burn the world to ashes if they get between me and the man I love.

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