Copper Knights and Granite Men (Challenger Confidential Book 1)

Copper Knights and Granite Men (Challenger Confidential Book 1)
Series: Challenger Confidential, Book 1
Published: 2014

A brazen band of robbers raids the New York Metropolitan Museum. Their target? The Prince’s Emblazoned, an elaborate suit of armor rumored to be of surpassing occult significance. To ensure their escape, the thieves release an unprecedented weapon: a mist that turns men to stone.

The Challenger Foundation, a team of dysfunctional and unorthodox superheroes, is called in to help. Led by the 900-year-old alchemist called the Promethean, the team must unravel the mystery of the fossilization solution and confront the architect of the plot, a deadly supernatural enemy thought dead for more than a century.

Copper Knights and Granite Men is a witty and suspenseful superhero adventure that draws from the King in Yellow mythos and taps the secret occult history of North America. This first entry in the Challenger Confidential series contains the 66 page novelette, plus interior illustrations and a 33 page appendix exploring the Ascension Epoch universe.

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