Crisis at Comicon

Crisis at Comicon
Series: Temporary Superheroine, Book 2
Published: 2015

Can’t a superheroine catch a break? I’m at the Chicago comicon to cosplay with my besties, but the fun turns lethal when Mistress Miraculous attacks the crowds in the convention center. I need all my superpowers to combat her evil ploys and save thousands of people. Who is Mistress Miraculous? What’s her angle? And why do I suddenly have superpowers in this universe?
Characters in this story:
Roland Kirby: Eager comics fanboy, dependable partner in superhero adventures, ex-boyfriend who keeps pushing
Eric Wood: Ruthless comic book company CEO, questionably honest lover and confidant, man with a past
Jean Westover: Veteran comic book artist now relegated to drawing in Artists’ Alley, prime suspect
Norman Krigstein: Troublemaking comic book writer
Howard Hogarth: Comic book personality—nobody’s quite sure what this old guy ever did in the comics biz
Ray Herriman: Discontented young comic book company employee
Leslie Evans: Naive female comic book artist, possible frenemy
Sarah Manning: Cosplayer, off-duty cop, heroine’s friend
Ardis Tenniel: Cosplayer, granddaughter of an artist cheated out of his rights, heroine’s friend
Damien Nast: Sword salesman, grandson of an artist cheated out of his rights, hot tattooed guy
Jovial Jerry Fine: Beloved elderly icon of the comic book world, benign but skeptical participant in fast-paced adventures
Mistress Miraculous: Tries to destroy the comicon any way she can. What’s her problem, anyway?
Marie Severin: Real-life brilliant comic book artist and all-round great gal who asked to be in this book

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