Curse of Souls (Warrior of Souls Book 1)

Curse of Souls (Warrior of Souls Book 1)
Series: Warrior of Souls, Book 1
Published: 2017

He’s literally a one-man army — and his own worst enemy.

College freshman Sverre Walker is just an ordinary guy trying to blend in during his first semester. Until the night he’s attacked by Jessica, an agent for an ancient organization devoted to eliminating werewolves, vampires and other supernatural threats. Sverre learns from Jessica that he’s not quite human. In fact, he’s superhuman.

Sverre is host to the souls of countless great heroes from throughout the ages. The souls grant him untold power and special abilities. They also supercharge his arrogance and confidence, guaranteeing trouble.

Now, Sverre has a choice — either work for Jessica’s organization or…well, the alternatives aren’t great. If that wasn’t enough, the paranormal creatures of the Underworld have plans for him as well.

Sverre’s power could be the deciding factor in the epic war between human civilization and the creatures of darkness.

To him, it all sounds like a drag.

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