Darkness (Jensen City Heroes Book 3)

Darkness (Jensen City Heroes Book 3)
Series: Jensen City Heroes, Book 3

Bennett Parks hurts.

The last thing he remembers, he was having some fun with his buddy, Linus, and a woman from Darby and Archie’s wedding. The next thing he knows, he’s hanging from duct tape in a mine with Linus hanging next to him. When a gorgeous angel with red hair and grey eyes saves the boys from the kidnapping, Bennett starts to feel things he never thought he’d feel and can’t even admit to his best friends.

Rose McCoy doesn’t have much excitement in her life, and the wildest it gets for her is when her knitting project unravels or when her cat, Petie, gets diarrhea. When she stumbles upon an email that indicates her boss is up to something, Rose sets out to investigate a disappearance. She never expects to find two gorgeous men hanging in a mine, one close to death.

With their lives turned upside down and forced by the police to temporarily live together in a safe house, Rose and Bennett work to help their friends find Rose’s boss and help Jensen City.

Triggers: torture and car accident

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