Day of the Destroyer (Just Cause Universe Book 3)

Day of the Destroyer (Just Cause Universe Book 3)
Series: Just Cause Universe, Book 3
Published: 2013

-A City In Darkness-
-Four Lost Souls Seeking A Light-

July 13, 1977 – The lives of four super-powered people become irrevocably intertwined when the lights go out in New York City, plunging their world into chaos. The superheroes of Just Cause, grown soft and complacent without any supervillains to challenge them, must overcome their personal demons as well as uphold the law in a lawless land of rioters, arson, and murder.

Lurking in the darkness, like evil incarnate, is the one thing that could bring the world’s greatest superheroes to their knees: the force of anarchy and vengeance known as Destroyer.

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